A home grown street wear house

The Story

Rosey & Vittori started as a young man’s passion turned hobby for well made apparel. Having never studied fashion design, Steven Rosenbaum used his background in brand building and marketing to start the luxury brand.

The label was sold in small local boutiques around Cape Town while Rosey studied.
Once he graduated, he took a break from local life and moved to the east coast of America to explore and find inspiration. The following year, with the knowledge and stimulus he gained, he returned to take the label to the next level.

During this process he met and partnered up with Isabella Bisogno, a talented fashion student that had grown up in the industry. Together they continue to push boundaries and mould the brand into what one day they hope to be a house hold name.


“Throughout its brief history, the quintessentially South African studio of Rosey & Vittori works to preserve its unique position as both an authentic fashion house and fashion forward brand”.

The brand title derives from a nickname that the brand’s founder and his forefathers picked up over generations at school – a shortened version of his last name, “Rosey”.

Vittori was his late grandmother’s maiden name – Ada Carmina Maria Vittori was born on the 16 July 1922 in Monte Giorgio, in the province of Marche Italy.
The two titles simply worked.

Head Office

Kellcor House 2nd floor,
250 Voortrekker Road,
Maitland, Cape Town

021 510 3014