Giving Back

Rosey & Vittori contribute significantly to 2 Programmes at the Devon Valley Learning and Caring Centre:


Chriselene Davids, the founding member of the Devon Valley Caring and Learning Centre, was born on a farm in Devon Valley and comes from the same disadvantaged community.

Many of the community are seasonal workers on the
farms. A high percentage of the children leave school after Grade 9 and are often left to their own devices and become involved in drugs and crime. Added to this is the fact that approximately 70% of the children in Grade 9 are unable to
read or write properly. 

It has been her dream to open a school where children and adults can be taught, supported and nourished in a safe environment. This extends to providing opportunities for adults to up-skill and obtain tertiary education as well. She began the centre in her garage, however with the huge demand for childcare and education in the community she had to obtain two containers for additional classrooms.


Chriselene Davids, the founder of the Devon Valley Needlework centre, along with various key sponsors, volunteers and a number of ladies in the Devon Valley are developing The Needlework Centre.

  • Teach prospective seamstresses to design, cut patterns and sew a variety of items for personal use or for sale.
  • Provide a creative and supportive learning space in a container with electricity, heating and air-conditioning.
  • Provide sewing machines, fabric, thread, scissors, electricity etc
  • Provide a platform for the seamstresses to sell their products, for example at market, on a dedicated website etc.
  • To collaborate with the Cape Town based fashion designers Rosey & Vittori who will provide off-cuts from their design and manufacture of clothing.
  • To prevent the off-cuts of fabric from going into landfills.
  • Educate individuals on the importance of reducing the carbon footprint on our planet and recycle / up-cycle.

Programme 1 – Preschool for children ages 1 to 5

14 children ages one to three and 15 children ages four to five are schooled in two
converted containers and a converted carport.
Our off cuts are used for curtains, painting aprons, baking aprons, feeding bibs, face cloths, babies clothing, children’s clothing, winter jackets, winter pants/tracksuits, duvet covers, sheets for bedding, towels, nappies, dish towels, cleaning cloths, shade cloth and bean bags.

Programme 2 – Sewing school for Farm Labourers and their Children

Sewing machines obtained from community and business sponsors. A number of community numbers are teaching others how to design and sew. Offcuts are used to make items for personal use and to be sold within the community at markets and through corporates.
Items manufactured so far: 
Clothing & accessories – summer and winter for all ages, aprons (painting/cooking/woodwork/baking), scarves, scrunchies, handbags, shoe bags.

Home Décor – curtains, bedding, table cloths, napkins, dish towels, cushion covers, pillow covers, laundry bags, storage bags
School – school bags, draw string bags, pencil cases, sports bags, book bags, lunch bags, reusable sanitary bags.
The Centre
The centre is a registered NGO and will contribute towards BBBEE scoring. We are appealing to the community and businesses to become involved in this worthy initiative by assisting with donations or volunteering their time.

The center will not only provide employment and additional income for the Devon Valley community but will up- skill and empower them.

Should you be able to assist in this wonderful community upliftment programme, please contact:

• Chriselene Davids on: 084 879 1493

• Heather Kirkwood on: 082 448 6469